Foundations of Scottish Genealogy Webinar Series

Legacy Family Tree Webinars has for years hosted online genealogy webinars, presented by nationally-known speakers on a variety of genealogy and technology topics. The live webinars are free, and their recordings are free to view for about a week after the live show. The Webinar Library now has more than 900 classes (over 1,200 hours!) and more than 4,000 pages of instructors’ handouts. Access to the Webinar Library is granted through an annual membership (US $49.95/year). 

Ontario Ancestors has partnered Legacy Family Tree and to provide Society Members a first-year 50% off discount for a webinar membership for the first year, valid for new memberships only).

Included in the Legacy Family Tree Webinar Library is the 12 webinar series “Foundations of Scottish Genealogy by Dr. Bruce Durie. Dr. Durie is considered one of Scotland’s top genealogists, with an international reputation. He is perhaps best known for his eight-year BBC radio series, “Digging Up Your Roots” and “A House with A Past”, and he has authored over 30 books, including the best-selling “Scottish Genealogy” now in its 4th edition. His background is in medicine and neuropharmacology, as well as holding a doctoral degree in history and education. 

Bruce founded, delivered and ran the much-acclaimed Postgraduate Program in Genealogical Studies at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, including a full-time, online, one-year Masters Genealogical Studies programme. He now teaches courses on Genealogy, Documents and Heraldry as a Teaching Fellow at the University of Edinburgh.

He is well known for speaking, lecturing and presenting workshops on various aspects of Scottish genealogy, heraldry, history and culture worldwide but particularly in the UK, USA and Canada.

His latest book is “Your Scottish-American Ancestry” and forthcoming are:
  • “Celt-ish: Uncovering the Great ‘Celtic’ Conspiracy” (The History Press, late 2019/early 2020)
  • “The American Declaration of Independence and the Declaration of Arbroath” (early 2020)