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There are many resources to assist in both learning how to research your Scottish ancestors, and to actually point you to records. On our Resources page, we provide links to many of the more common research sites. Here, we provide direct access to some of the free webinars which are available on YouTube. You will find many more by searching on YouTube for Scottish Genealogy, or similar search terms. The difficulty of course is separating the videos which may be useful to you, from those which are not. 

This webinar “Beginning Scottish Research, with James Tanner, is presented by the Family History Library of Brigham Young University:


The repetition of names in Scottish families can be very confusing to the new researcher. The naming of children was however based upon a very straightforward convention, at least until more recent times, and understanding this convention can be the key to sorting out which Donald MacDonald is which. Christine Woodcock explains in “Scottish Genealogy: The Scottish Naming Pattern


Why visit the National Library of Scotland? After all,  ScotlandsPeople is the holder of the source documents genealogists strive to find. However, to understand the social history of the times in which your ancestors lived, to learn more about their towns and villages, and possibly to learn something about the life of your very ancestors, the National Library of Scotland is the place to visit, as discussed in this webinar